People searched LinkedIn more than 5 billion times in 2012 to find the right business professionals. What will they find when they search for you?

LinkedIn has become the No. 1 online tool for networking, marketing and lead generation. In fact, more than 259 million professionals already use LinkedIn to grow their business. But few people truly know how to harness the power of LinkedIn and other social media sites.

That’s why Linked for Business Growth has become the premier partner for business leaders who want to boost their exposure on LinkedIn and other networking sites.

At Linked for Business Growth, we’ll show you how to maximize your LinkedIn profile, develop your LinkedIn company page, and use LinkedIn to discover professional opportunities, attract customers and grow your business.

Although we specialize in real-time, face-to-face consulting, we also offer prepackaged services, including profile optimization, company page development, automated status updates, and lead generation. You can also take advantage of our free online resources, webinars and ebooks.

You have professional goals. Now’s the time to reach them by making Linked for Business Growth part of your business strategy.

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